Did you know…

Since I’ve been a little quiet over the past few days I thought I’d share some info with you that has recently come to light.

I am a sucker for all things sparkly and shiny – I’m a bit like Dori in Finding Nemo where she gets distracted by a shiny light.

So it’s no surprise that when I got sent some info on Platinum Jewellery I took some time to read it.

Platinum on its own is quite a fascinating metal, here are a few facts that caught my attention:

  • If you put all the platinum that has ever been mined in an Olympic swimming pool it would just cover your ankles (gold would fill over 3 pools)
  • Platinum occurs as only 0.003 parts per billion of the Earth’s crust making it 30 times rarer than gold
  • It takes 10 tons of ore and a five month process to make one ounce of platinum

These points made me realise that even though you see nearly every jewellery shop selling platinum, it is indeed still a very precious metal!

I think if I ever got married I would want a platinum engagement ring and wedding band, I just like the idea that it lasts so much longer and is less likely to suffer from wear and tear.

There are some jewellery designers that specialise in platinum, such as Sarah Jordan, Baroque and Ana De Costa, all of whom create beautiful pieces and cover a range of price brackets.

For me all my jewellery is special, whether it’s costume or fine, but there’s something about platinum which gives it that something extra special and I would love to add any of the following pieces to my jewellery box!

This item from Henrich & Denzel is gorgeous and would be a great day-to-day item!









This chunky bracelet from Wright and Teague is a great statement piece – something I’m sure I’d be able to style with most outfits!














This wedding band is from Baroque is unique, not something you see everyday which is why I like it.

Most of these items are well out of my price bracket, but hey, a girl can dream right!


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