Where have I been?

Wow, it’s nearly 2 years to the day since I last posted – I got a wordpress email and wondered if I should close my website down or keep it up & running.

I went back & forth but like the idea of maintaining it in case I find a different purpose for it or really get back into blogging properly!

A lot has changed in these last two years – biggest one of all was me moving out to Surrey – which is where i grew up. Enjoying a much larger house and space to breathe! So I guess my username ‘aowenldn’ is a bit of a lie now as I no longer live there! 😉

But moving home has meant my attention has been focused on interior design and trying to find the perfect pieces for our home! We’re enjoying putting our mark on the house and transforming it from a simple house with hardly any design details to something that has a bit more backbone and says something!

I’m still doing freelance work – copywriting a few pieces for some smaller business but also started doing social media for a few start ups who are trying to promote their Kickstarter (or similar) campaigns. It’s been great to see some great new ideas that are coming to market and be part of their initial launch.

For now though I’ll probably do a few more posts about our house renovations as they develop and see what else comes to mind now I’ve decided to keep this site active! For now though here are some pics of the few rooms we’ve painted so far – expect more when they are properly finished once they’re fully kitted out!


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