Coverage for Tom Baker

Recent coverage acquired for Tom Baker appeared on Mens Wear Style site. A nice short, snappy piece about Tom, his services and skills. If you’re interested in arranging an interview with Tom, or want to book an appointment with him, get in touch.

Rator Blog Post

This is a bit of an old post that I’d forgotten about… found in my archives, but gives a demonstrates a slightly different writing style of mine. A review of where to shop, eat and visit in London that aren’t in the guidebooks. Titled ‘Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten track‘ it was…


I have just completed a project with Roller, a digital agency based in Nottingham. I was asked to proofread a selection of content for their site as well as write their case studies. I was given bullet points about the projects they had worked on and used these to expand on to create engaging case…

Continuing Work with Lizzie Edwards

2012 is an exciting year for me, starting work with new clients, but at the same time continuing work with clients from the year previous, building on relationships and working on how we can continue to generate exciting and engaging content for their readers. Here is my first post of 2012 for Lizzie, and looking…

Style Sequel Posts

A few months back I started working with the brand Style Sequel – I have submitted a couple of blog posts including this one. Style Sequel help you to sell your second hand designer goods. They only sell premium goods and each item is hand selected from batches sent in everyday. Some of their products…

Lizzie Edwards Blog

I have been writing for a London based stylist, Lizzie Edwards, for the last three months. I currently write blog posts, newsletters and contribute to her faceboook page. Here is the latest blog post that I have done for her. If anyone is interested in me blogging for their site or business thenĀ get in touch.

Second post for THE HUB Advent Piece

Second Advent post for The Hub is now live, please have a look and if you could click the ‘+’ icon next to the heart that would be appreciated!

ESVIE Post now live

I have started contributing to Esvie – an online fashion magazine and my first two posts are now live. Please do have a look and let me know what you think!